my opinion of your astrology is it could be Morocco, Its also a relative newcomer to the World Cup so 6 of cups could fit esp the baby. I love the way you are seeing so much detail in the card and if Morocco does win, your comment will become an instant classic on this website. My only hesitation is that the Tarot has almost yelled about the number of cups, here. Ill do the World Cup again, thank you, but nothing else as Im only really interested in the footer. When I woke up this morning, I had a mental impression that the man dressed in blue walking away with a stick or pole was indicative not only of France (les bleus) or Argentina walking away from the tournament, but as representative of all the migrant workers who built the world cup stadiums in Qatar shown by the architecture in Pamelas card, many of whom are from Islamic countries themselves and many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for this tournament. The current revolution in Iran was started by young women protesting the death of Mahsa Amini who was brutally killed for not covering her hair appropriately. Brilliant, thanks so much. The first goal in World Cup history was scored by Lucien Laurent of France. My brain said Brazil at first, because it was so obvious a sixth World Cup trophy they were the only team who qualified. Your interpretation of Chiron in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini is really great. Chances not looking great for England alas, but would be great if it turns out otherwise. Morocco would also fit, and another reader has pointed out the Christian-Muslim crusade history. freedom. Those countries are Pisces in mundane astrology, again, as far as I know The Football as a sport is Taurus and its ruler, Venus. We also need to clock the Libra Moon as the cup is handed over. I wish I could see more in the card for a France win . If we take that as 10, thats Messis shirt. Thank you. Croatian colours are there in the two children/teenagers at the front. Perhaps in this world cup particularly for LGBT rights and that bigger prize is ensuring participation for all. Yes, thats a goalies glove. 1) the scene in the 6 Cups just seems French and I too see the Phrygian cap! And we all know that the rooster comb is red, same as the mans red hat. Its also a strongly religious country, which suits the horoscope. The winning country can hold on to the original cup for a while to show it to the public after the final match and will receive a replica worth 100,000 to take home. Portugal has not been considered yet. It was symbolic for Christ to lay down the cross after his journey and stations of the cross in penance to pay for the sins of his followers, so there may indeed be something deeply karmic going on if Morocco were to win, harking back to the times of the crusades where Christians had very much lost their spiritual way in attacking Muslims. I know that Germany has won 4 times and is a good, although not top team but could the cups represent an area rather than a country? Argentina is the fifth wine producing region in the world. Thank you. Were now at nail-biting time, but I just wanted to thank you for your comment. One more thing about the cross being laid down in the story of Christ. German. It makes the next Brazil game with South Korea even more interesting. presents an astrology-based betting prediction on who will win the 2022 World Cup. Its like its been staring us in the face all along. I will literally be ordering popcorn. Maybe the female reference in the card is recognition of the first female referee (Stephanie Frappart) at the mens World Cup? The symbolism is that X is representing the numerical number 10. Thank you very much, for your thank you, Caitlin. Thank you, Jessica, what a fascinating thread! But with Germany being bundled out today (2 Dec Australia time), it wont be them. However, there are only 78 cards in the deck and needs must. Theres some slight tension there about whose deity is actually in charge of the result. Its the best football magazine in the world. So that takes out the six of cups favouring Brazil. His Mercury was on the Moroccos coachs North Node and both teams have been been communicating nicely to each other, and tactically Croatia outshined Morocco in their Bronze game. Its now 56 years of hurt. Cups is great, because its the World Cup, and the Tarot has helped us by going straight to the main story. Iran has it too. Until this year, the Argentine Captain (Messi) wore a blue and red shirt at Barcelona! Very hard to resist not putting England forward again now Brazil has gone. The girl does look a bit like Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovi, the previous Croatian President and I believe a football fan. Brazil was another contender for the sixth cup (literally the trophy and not the final) but here we are! The pendulum has today correctly indicated re Netherlands v USA, USA out, and Argentina v Argentina, Australia out. Its also interesting that their coach kept saying that Croatia needed to keep their emotions under control and to control their games as much as possible. I just saw the new clip for Three Lions and it begins with the lionesses. Argentina is the fifth wine producing region in the world. It would be a strong gesture for FIFA to make sure a woman/women are front-and-centre on final day. There are 4 cups on the ground & he only manage to hold 1 cup. Croatia- In the months leading up to the WC, I predicted that Croatia would achieve something big because they were the most eclipsed nation at the WC. Obviously, one of the below-mentioned four teams will become the ICC T20 World Cup Winner this time. Now that is fascinating, above X for 10. If you look at the Croatia flag, it is Red and Blue, just like your tarot card. And yet not for the final. Thanks Cait. They both had been winners, and both know the game better than anybody else; France in 1998 & 2018 and Argentina in 1978 & 1986. Thank you. Or will we see the British Lionesses dancing around the stadium? Jupiter (the biggest and best) is in Pisces, the sign which rules all beliefs from Islam to Christianity. This could be France out, but the Sixth cup winner in. You may have to decode the card differently now we know it will be France v. Argentina. And how about both Messi and Mbappe wearing the 10 shirt? Why? Thank you. Fun isnt it! Brazil have won the World Cup five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. Argentina is also a cancer, with libra ascendant and capricorn moon. I just found your post and I love it. As I write this, Brazil havent played yet, but they are favourites to win this World Cup. Four cups below, one in the hand and one waiting. France will win it again with him, Brilliant game to end the world cup. Well, the following gave me goosebumps: I saw the Moroccan football jersey up close in a news story last night just before going to bed, and you wouldnt believe it when you see how similar the white five-pointed flowers in Pamelas six of cups are to the white five-pointed emblem on Moroccos football jersey! This website is such a source of information for so many. The libra moon of the 2022 world cup final could indeed be a watershed moment for womens football with the up and coming Moroccan lionesses coming to play in NZ and Australia for the FIFA womens world cup in 2023. Now were talking. I hope other readers also draw a Tarot card to ask this question: Who wins the World Cup 2022 Final? Temperance is a strong image of the Aquarius zodiac sign, bearing water and pouring water. I was wondering if the 4 at the front represent the past. Argentinas Pluto is conjunct Frances ASC and I would predict that Argentina will control the game against France. I just pulled a card asking who would win the World Cup and I got the Judgement card, showing the English flag. Germanys teen prodigy Youssoufa Moukoko will be the youngest player at the Qatar World Cup. Much as Id love Australia to go further this Six of Cups shows no clues no kangas, no green and yellow, not even a small wombat in the distance! Hello Wayne. It has been incredibly moving to see the World Cup being used to publicise this cause. Pamela Colman Smith did not have the footer in mind, when she created the imagery. facts: Who will give the cup to the winner ? The card was about the final itself, and here we have the gleaming Jules Rimet being exchanged between male and female. ACN 644668431. The woman in the card could be the Indian actress who will be unveiling the trophy today a few hours before the final. Thank you. The cups overfloweth with Budweiser! offers the most accurate and authentic astrology predictions for World Cup 2022. some really interesting comments really enjoyed reading them all.Jessica are you going to be doing anymore of these on future sporting events? Taurus is ocupying the 10th house in the semi-finals chart. There are several candidates but I like this article from the BBC Sky at Night magazine. 12th Oct 2022, 1:58pm. If we go back to the astrological chart and that Libra Moon which is always about equality here we have a huge gesture by the two figures, male and female and maybe a member of the patriarchy stalking off. Around age 10/X/shirt no -future was also threatened with growth hormone deficiency condition etc which led to a series of plot twists and no doubt foundation for his character building. The captain and leader, Lionel Messi, is a cancer sun and is very proud of this team. One thing that just struck me about something which you mentioned was that also a country which has won the world cup has a star under the badge. We dont know what it will be yet. December 18, 2022 10:00 pm Doha,Qatar 5 6 6 comments Add a Comment shkico 28 days ago "This horoscope for the FIFA World Cup 2022 final shows a religious nation winning the cup. So lets see about Kolinda who would no doubt want to make the moment resonate. The last 6 weeks has been rough with work politics and I just feel like my head is just now beginning to clear. Weve never stopped talking about it. I love your website & this article is a lot of fun. The reigning World Cup champions are France. We could go back to the four cups at the bottom of the card for clues, or just to the colours of the boy and girl, who are central. A while back all the women who do the day to day work in parishes went on strike! It takes a while for astrology to sink in and there is no rush. Youve also spotted white flowers in the card which resemble the white pentangles on the Moroccan flag. So would the X on the card being interpreted as 10, not a cross. Australian Government levied Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% is applied to applicable orders at checkout. You are correct about the resemblance of the red hat to the famous phrygian cap. Lets see. Football also runs through our veins at such a degree that we refer to Maradona as God (D10S). I see he is defending the boy and girl. As other readers have pointed out this could well be a final between an Islamic and a Christian nation with this being Moroccos sixth time to participate at the world cup. Thank you. Rahu in the Pisces zodiac sign during the period shall act as a blessing! The 2022 FIFA World Cup was an international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of FIFA's member associations and 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup.It took place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022, making it the first World Cup held in the Arab world and Muslim world, and the second held entirely in Asia after the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan. Libra also ruled the day with all those women on the pitch. We may be left dangling for the result. Argentina has a better record against France than France has against Argentina, which I partly attribute to this Pluto energy. Us Brits are not used to everyone being happy in tandem! So are we looking at the Lionesses and the Three Lions? The World Cup 2022 Astrology and a Libra Moon We also need to clock the Libra Moon as the cup is handed over. Then we have to interpret the X on the shield (possibly the Roman numeral 10) but also the departing figure in blue. A red cap and a short spear called pica appear on the Argentine shield. Thoughts on the Libra Moon and the male-female equality in the Six of Cups? No player has been as outstanding as Messi, and, surely like his name, his stars are strong enough to beat the French team in the 2022 FIFA world cup. I didnt know a red cap appears on the Argentine shield. I think you can see from the comments here that a lot of readers will be watching Morocco v France with huge interest. The man below the tower looks like a guard, like someone who is there to protect the garden or the occupants. Ive said a bit more in your other post, but thank you for this complex reading of the Six of Cups. Amazing! Widening it out re Cup winner, Brazil looks likely, with the pendulum dithering over Morocco, hovering thoughtfully over Croatia. Both planets have played a major role in his journey in the games before and shall do the same during the finals of the Qatar world cup 2022. Morocco made history on Tuesday as the first-ever Arab country to qualify for the World Cup quarterfinals. Well have to wait and see. Thank you. Argentinas 6 WC final, Messis 5th WC appearance like the 5 petals of the flowers in the cups. Bonjour Jessica 4 cups in front.. its only a suggestion.. It is also their 6th participation. May be its Croatia taking the cup since the tarot card show blue and red with cheetah prints in the middle in the dress of the girl. A statement to Qatar. The Moon in Libra also on the day, suggests a major statement about feminism and equality. The Moroccan womens team may well be represented by the girls hands on the golden cup. . Jupiter is at 29 Pisces in the Twelfth House of spirituality at 6.00pm on 18th December in Doha, exactly square Hygiea at 29 Sagittarius in the house of foreigners and foreign countries. If you take the Tarot literally, the Tarot favours Brazil or Germany to win World Cup 2022. Thank you. There is so much focus in this card on equality, and in a country like Qatar where the message needs to be heard, that I suspect there will be a really meaningful, powerful final in regard to this. The comments are also great and often informative and perceptive. You drew The Hanged Man as the winner of the final. On the shield there is a Chi (X) a symbol for christianity. Only just spotted your word cup football prediction Jessica. I love that reading of the Six of Cups. Maybe the winning team will make a grand gesture to the women of the world as they receive the trophy? Jupiter in Pisces and the Pope had the winning team. While the world cup has already had its fair share of viral moments, this has undoubtedly become the tournament of upsets. Ive not had time to catch up with the footer. I am getting to these comments late, and you posted on 25th November, so we are now near the final, and Germany has gone home. the Moroccan captain wears the #6 Jersey Brazil will win The Qatar 2022 World Cup. Is this similar to the statement of the German team when they put their hand on their mouth before the start of the first match? So does Germany win? Meaning he manage to win once & the other 4 is out of his reach. Will that double whammy of the Libra Moon and the boy/girl in the card show up? Hi Jessica . Like the world cup they are golden and of a similar shape and possibly size. Terrific validation for astrology. He of coursespent a lot of time in Spain so backdrop of buildings Spain/Italy, He has 3 sons I think, maybe a daughter in future.
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